Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blue Boat At Tofino

Blue Boat At Tofino     12" x 16"   oil
Today I developed this from a smaller painting "Tofino Docks", 7"x 9". The smaller version is one of my favorites. In both, I like the warm late day light, and the blue and orange color scheme Boats always feel like a combination of abstract shapes that somehow pull together in a composition and water reflections add  fun shapes and color. This will still need some edges to be refined I think. And, there is always just that sitting and looking part, before I can truly decide what 'finished' is sometimes. The smaller version can be purchased through my daily paintings gallery.
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Waiting To Ride

Waiting To Ride   9"x9"   oil             
I haven't painted the Challenge for Daily Paintworks for quite some time and so put this together for this weeks "wheels" challenge. The photo was taken in Stockholm, Sweden which accounts for the architecture. Coincidentally, a fellow blogger, Colleen Proppe' wrote about another of my works that used a bicycle theme in her post Friday. And, check out Tim Richardson's  blog for more cycle art!
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Harbor Flowers - summer flower mix

Harbor Flowers  oil  14" x 10"  
In error yesterday, I described these flowers as being from Butchart Gardens, but then remembered they were some of the beautiful plantings all along the walkway at Victoria Harbor. The complimentary colors were appealing to work with and I finished today. One of my main challenges today, was to keep enough grays and varied edges to let the brighter focus of marigolds show up well. 
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Marigold Mix - beginning oil, step one & two

Marigold Mix - beginning oil 14" x 11" 
My 'go to' with flowers has always been to choose informal arrangements more often than setting up a still life. These marigolds and begonias are from the Butchart Gardens in Canada. I began this floral mix with a basic block- in, as per usual and planned how I would handled the values generally. I'm in the stage now where I am beginning to apply more opaque paint and work with edges. While I didn't have time to finish, I should be able to do that tomorrow and show you the completed painting.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Orange Branches

Orange Branches   10" x 8"   oil on linen panel
Coming back into snow country from being in Arizona last week, takes some getting used to! But, it's great to think about the sunny color of the orange trees in Phoenix. This one was just outside the door of the place I stayed. I took some photos and tried to make some mental notes to myself about shadow colors, as I knew they were destined for painting.
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Dianthus - 3rd painting, Kathy Anderson's workshop

Dianthus   9" x 7"   oil     
This was the last painting I had time for at the workshop last week. I had most of it finished, but only after catching up a little, did I have time to complete it today. The whole table of flowers made it hard to choose from and I liked the very springlike small shape and white whites that these Dianthus had. Kathy created her wonderful whites through warm violet gray shadows and making sure the flower area was completely clean and white to begin with. I thought it worked well here.
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Boldbrush Fav 15% , Moonrise

Moonrise   9"x9"   oil on linen panel 
I just found out my painting 'Moonrise' was selected as one of the FAV 15% in FASO's Boldbrush competition for December! It's just wonderful to be included here. .... thanks FASO :) You can view all top 15% on their site.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Red Garnet Geraniums and more workshop

Red Garnet Geranium   oil    9"x 12"
At the workshop, Kathy had a wonderful variety of fresh flowers to choose from and I grabbed this geranium for it's color and I thought i'd be able to complete it in the time we had. For the most part, it is finished, but I will work on a few more edges before calling it done. It was another super day of painting and watching Kathy Anderson's wonderful demo, which you can see below. She has a great relaxed way about her instruction that seemed to work for everyone. I've met several wonderful artists this week, and we're all learning from each other, as well.

Kathy Anderson demonstration of Pansies
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pansy Mix

Pansy Mix  oil   9"x12"     
This is my finish from yesterday's painting at Kathy Anderson's workshop. I also began a second one, of geraniums this time and I hope to post it tomorrow. 
Today, Kathy was so busy teaching, she was unable to get her painting finished but tomorrow, I'll be able to show a finished piece I think. Meanwhile, below is Nancy Guzik, who is teaching in the studio next to our's. she was working on a beautiful portrait demo of a charming girl with a basket of flowers in her lap. The work was very methodical, delicate and careful. Looked like a wonderful class!

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Scottsdale Art School- Kathy Anderson Workshop

Pansies- unfinished  9"x12" oil on linen panel M Maxam
This was the first day of Kathy Anderson's workshop at Scottsdale Art School. She is a fun, generous and relaxed teacher and her work is fabulous for it's delicate shapes and beautiful clear color. You will see a few steps of her demo below and my partially finished painting above.I hope to be able to post both finished works tomorrow. Kathy is a member of the Putney Painters group, famously begun by Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik. She began her painting with washes of transparent color under the main design. She then, very deliberately places more opaque color onto those basics. More tomorrow...

This show her painting midway through and how she builds over a warm/neutral background .
unfinished pansies by Kathy Anderson
Edges in her work are carefully considered. She will soften and sharpen edges as she builds the opaque color and works her brush in the direction that the petals lay.
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Diana Moses Botkin Challenge

Clearly Decadent    9"x9"    oil on linen panel   
So beginning today,every month on the 15th, I'll be posting my own, and the work from five other artists for the Diana Moses Botkin challenge. These five are all so terrific and I look forward to seeing how it develops throughout the year. This month's challenge was 'plastic bag' . For my painting I went to the store where I've been seeing the beginnings of Valentine sweets. This little package of brownie and chocolate dipped strawberry filled the bill.I'lll be adding others as I get them.   SOLD

"Apples From the Store"
Oil on hardboard, 8"x10"

"Grisaille Bird and Produce Bag"
5x7" oil on linen  

 "SPILLAGE" 5x7" oil on canvas
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Friday, January 13, 2012

untitled greenhouse

untitled greenhouse    oil     16"x20"  
This is a more complete look at where I'm headed on my greenhouse painting. It is hard to show closer areas in a blog post, so my last closer look of only the figure, helps show that. I still need to find time to finish, but at this point, I feel I know what I want to do, to pull it together. I have been invited to be a part of the Diana Moses Botkin Challenge and will be posting the entries, from five fabulous artists on Sunday,the 15th. Then, I'm headed to Scottsdale for workshops with Kathy Anderson and Lori Woodword...lots going on!
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Work In Progress-detail from a greenhouse

detail-greenhouse  7"x9"  oil  
I've been working larger today and this is a detail from what will be a finished 16"x20". I don't know when I'll  be able to show the completed work, as other things are shouting for catch up! This is from a covered area at our Farmer's Market in the fall and this woman stood, trying to make planting decisions no doubt. I think my big challenge will be to keep the surrounding shapes and color subordinate to the main idea....we'll see.
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two For The Road

Two For The Road   oil   8" x 10"   
Thank you for your interesting input to my last post where I referred to painting every subject under the sun. Looks like most of you agree that it's about the painting of shapes,colors and composition many times and less about the subject itself. I snapped some pics of these two pedaling fast and furious last fall and the pthalo blue with orange bits caught my eye. They looked particularly great against dark fir trees. I tried for several soft edges to try to convey motion.
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Cattle In Long Grass

Cattle In Long Grass    8" x 10"      oil     
Ok, I know what your thinking.....'is this woman ever going to figure out what she wants to paint!?? ' Well, what drew me in here, was actually the way the cows blended into the trees and background shadows and created the horizontal darks in the top third of the painting. So, for your weekend, I leave you with a grazing cow in long grass, in  hopes that you are as contented as she.
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter View - blue reflections of snow and water

Winter View   8" x 10"  oil/canvas
Thanks to those of you who commented and left opinions on whether I should go back into yesterday's fishermen and change it up a bit. As you will see, they are the same, though I am now just toying with the idea of just  a red hat (who can resist a red hat?) still mulling.......We don't have snow here, and it's been a mild winter so far. But, this was done from a picture I'd taken north of here at an earlier time. Even here, it's not the overwhelming mounds we have seen in the past. It's just enough white to break up the landscape and here I mostly concentrated on the reflected blues.
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Three Men In A Boat & fall fly fishing

Three Men In A Boat   8"x 10"   oil
I haven't worked with fly fishing for a bit and this one includes the warmth of the gold leaves in the background and action in the figures that I thought gave real direction and life to the piece. By tomorrow though, one of these guys might be wearing a red shirt to break up the "twin look" of the blues, hmmmm can't decide.
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Silver Lining

Silver Lining     8"x 10"   oil on canvas   
Happy New Year to everyone and I hope this year brings health and happiness for you. My painting to start off 2012 is actually the second one I painted of the year. I wanted to try use an acrylic mid-value color under my oil painting, but the first effort just didn't cut it! I knew what was wrong though...I needed more grip in the surface for the 'brush feel' that I like. I used some clear acrylic gesso in the mix for this painting and it was much better. It reminds me that as far as resolutions go, perhaps my best bet is to be persistent and keep searching for the silver lining.
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