Sunday, December 2, 2012

Swept Away

Swept Away                 oil                   9" x 15"
I have been mulling larger works and this painting is a small plan for what might turn out to be one of those. This longer format is different to work with, but I think could be fun in creating some big sweeping sky shapes. My intent was to create an uplifting view to the skies and the impression of movement, so that in a large piece you might always notice a bit of something new each day. It is inspired by a sky last summer over the Palouse farm country.
This one's on hold for now, but you can see a larger view, or 

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Pat O'Driscoll said...

Love the energy in this sky Mary, when you enlarge it you see the brushstrokes at work.

Susan Roden said...

Beautiful Mary - quite majestic!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

A lot of power in your sky, Mary. The clouds appear to be moving. Wonderful!

Katherine Thomas said...

Before I even read your text, I was thinking how incredible this painting looks, as if the earth and sky are one. That's the feeling we have at that special time of day... and you've captured it perfectly, as you intended! Well done!

hmuxo said...

EXCELLENT sky, Mary! Love the color and texture!!

Celeste Bergin said...

Yes...this is the type of painting that you could live with and see new things in every time you looked at it. Beautiful!