Sunday, November 11, 2012

Portrait Study In Coral - workshop with Michael Dudash

Model Study in Coral                 oil          12"x 11"
Today was the last of the 5 day workshop given by Michael Dudash. If you get the chance, do sign up for one in the future. He is a great teacher who is direct in communication, very generous with information and time and does wonderful demos! I really don't know what more a student can ask. I posted my first painting on Thursday, but the post is down as I worked on the painting again the next day. I will re-post when I have a chance to take another picture. 
His demos stressed the basics of drawing and getting that right, before moving on, to shadow washes and more opaque paint. He was careful to set the model up with interesting lighting and talked about knowing what you want in a finished work, BEFORE you set out to paint....good advice for any subject matter. I liked his idea of creating a title for a painting prior to starting, so that you have that goal in mind throughout......brilliant!
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  1. Mary- you did such a wonderful job with this portrait.
    It sounds like it was a great workshop

  2. That DOES sound like a workshop I'd like to take. Was it any medium, or all painting? Just curious if his instruction would apply to all mediums, it sounds like it would. Glad you're enjoying it! I can't wait to see more, This portrait is excellent!

  3. An excelent portrait, I love it.

  4. One of the many things I like about this, Mary, is the dash of reflected light under her chin.
    Great values!


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