Saturday, November 17, 2012

Golden - late day light on the river

Golden                               oil                      9" x 9" 
This is a pretty straight forward river scene, but my motivation was to capture the light. Late day golden light makes all the greens so warm. I used Cad. orange and yellow in the mixes  for color that floods across the fields from the sun, as it starts to go down. The blue in the more shadowed areas really pops and yet stays light as it reflects the sky overhead. 
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Pat O'Driscoll said...

The subtle colors creates a nice quiet mood.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

What lovely colors - you certainly captured what you set out to do, Mary. It has the glow.

hmuxo said...

I love your River scenes, Mary! The texture is wonderful as well as the colors. I always appreciate "pointers" on the colors you use since I'm new to oils..just learning how to use my colors. This is beautiful!!

Sandy Sandy said...

This excites my senses. Well done Mary!