Monday, October 22, 2012

More Fall Fishing -fly fishing painting & fall color

More Fall Fishing                        oil                         8" x 10"   
In working the layers of the background here, it was a challenge to create the great fall color of the landscape,without having it be too bold for the background. I subdued the chroma and tried not to get too dark, though it never shows quite the way I'd like it to on the web (so what else is new for artists :)   On a bit different topic, I recently had two collectors who made purchases and didn't realize that my past collectors always get 10% of their next purchase... just email for details...always good to know when you have a deal out there waiting for you!

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  1. Je ne sais pas si la pêche est meilleure en automne, mais en ce qui concerne cette dernière peinture elle me plaît beaucoup. J'aime son atmosphère avec l'immensité de la nature et la générosité des couleurs.
    Gros bisous

  2. this one leapt off of my sidebar...nice!!!

  3. Hi Mary! I love your fishing scenes. Gorgeous colors for a beautiful scenery!

  4. Congratulations on the sales! You captured the essence of autumn perfectly in this piece. It's wonderful!

  5. Oh it's a nice policy! Congrats on your sales. Aren't they fun?

    You're fall scene is lovely, You did well knocking down your colors. Gotta love that neutralizing feature!

  6. You paint these fishermen so perfectly! Just the right indication!


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