Friday, October 19, 2012

Grand Ronde River & An Interview with Carrie Waller

Grande Ronde River   8" x 6"     oil
Yesterday was a three painting drag, where I just kept wiping off one panel after another and felt as though my hands, eyes and mind were all working at odds with one another! Oh, that was so discouraging...but, just in the nick of time Carrie Waller posted my interview with her on her blog's Friday Feature  today! It reminded me that I'd probably paint again some day- ha! Thanks Carrie! And today I did paint this canyon from the Grande Ronde river in Washington 

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hmuxo said...

Gorgeous colors in this Canyon, Mary!
Beautiful painting! Now I will visit Carrie!!

Susan Roux said...

Great perspective here! I love the feeling of grandeur you captured.

Never paint again? I suspect it would be impossible to stop...