Monday, October 15, 2012

Cataldo Landscape - unfinished

Cataldo Landscape - unfinished oil on stretched canvas
I have been working larger lately and thought I would post the block-in for this work which is
 20"x24" based , in part, on an earlier smaller painting. Now, I will work with adjustments on edges and values as well as definition in the foreground shapes and detail. Hope to post the finish soon.

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  1. J'ai hâte de voir son évolution... A ce stade déjà il me plaît beaucoup...
    Des couleurs suaves...
    gros bisous

  2. interesting to see the block in...I like it already!

  3. That is so so pretty. There is a gentle beauty to your paintings that shows your soul and passion for your subject.

  4. I like the sketchy feel to it and the great feeling of distance the river provides. If this is only your beginning, I can imagine how fabulous the end result is going to be. Cannot wait!!!


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