Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cataldo Landscape - fall color and a flyfisher

Cataldo Landscape                           oil-stretched canvas                                  20" x 24"
I'm posting the finish to yesterday's landscape painting and I have to say, it's been fun to work larger for a change. A larger painting is difficult to see in a smaller format, but Blogger didn't get along with my trying a large format, so check out the link to view below. I am also posting a detail of the fisherman that you see in the distance below.
View & Purchase

detail- Cataldo Mission Pin It


  1. N'est-ce donc pas uniquement pour le pêcheur que vous l'avez peint ?!!! Sourire!
    Une merveilleuse peinture où une grande sérénité règne... Peindre le calme.
    Gros bisous

  2. Beautiful. Nice to see the close up part of it too.

  3. This turned out so lovely and painterly with gorgeous color!!

  4. Glad I didn't have to wait to see the finished painting. My fav part is the bit of life you put in with the fisherman. Doesn't jump out, but in there to find and relate to. Love your style!

  5. I like the lighting in this Mary, almost as if the sun found its way thru the clouds. Nice mood.

  6. oh, I think I know what you mean, Blogger won't let me show photos at an extra large size either. Darn! I love how this came out...it's a lovely mix of warm and cool.

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