Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yard Sale Bouquet - flowers for sale garden art

    Yard Sale Bouquets                     oil              8" x 8"
A few days ago I saw a garage sale that had a few bland  looking items out for inspection. But in the drive way, under some shady trees, they'd placed colorful pots of flowers with pink and violet 'for sale' stickers in each. They were definitely the bargain of the day and were selling out fast.

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  1. Well, if the real life potted flowers looked only half as nice as this painting, it's no wonder they were selling fast. This is very nice. I love the light play on the leaves and the tops of the flowers.

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  3. Such beautiful colours and I love the way you spread the light-it almost feels that the flowers are playing with it. Wonderful painting Mary!!
    Warm regards.

  4. I would've been looking at the pot too... Very nice and inviting.


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