Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mount Rainier - fall

Mount Rainier                          oil                     9" x 9"
This is one of the many views of Mount Rainier that the park showed us during our brief tour. As with all the national parks I've visited, the trails and roads cut through the loveliest views and done in a way that helps to create a feeling of always being in the heart of the park. Take advantage of these wonderful places when you have the opportunity, you won't be sorry.

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hmuxo said...

this is a beautiful scene..lovely painting, Mary!!

Helen H Trachy said...

Very nice scenery Mary! I love rhe forefront with the little bursts of color.
And thanks for the helpful demo.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

This is wonderful, Mary.
Your work inspires me to get out and paint the landscape. It seems so effortless when you do it though, and for me it is plain hard work.
I tried to leave a message on the previous post and the little security guy who hates us bloggers, turned down all 3, yes 4 tries at getting the darned correct words or numbers. I gave up! The guy on duty today may be nicer...fingers crossed.

mary maxam said...

Thank Helen and Hilda- and Julie, You are a sweetie to persevere through the trials of the 'little security guy'!! He is truly a pain in the # $^&^(&)***&!! . I fired him a couple times last week and immediately started getting the spam guys visiting my inbox ! I sometimes wonder which is worse! I envy your own seemingly effortless paintings... so rich in color and texture! Mary

Linda Popple said...

Your park paintings are beautiful! Makes me want to visit!!