Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Light Path In A Dark Wood - wooded landscape & filtered light

 Light Path In A Dark Wood  oil on linen    7"x 11"
I find this kind of painting one of the most difficult because there are no real hard edged shapes to 'grab'. I wanted to suggest the soft light that comes through the trees without spelling it all out, too abruptly. The tree trunks  need to be varied, so that they are interesting and still provide a  consistent vertical pattern. I also like the symbolism of being led out of a tangle and through to the light. 
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  1. I like this, it has a nice quiet mood to it.

  2. This is definitely a favorite. The light in the path makes me want to follow it...Beautifully painted, Mary!! (I also love those wonderful soft blues)

  3. This is a beautiful painting quiet and calming in it's cool blues and violets.

  4. Lovely color harmony and restful. I like your groupings of the trees with great negative areas.

  5. it's lovely and you did a great job with the subtle light coming through!

  6. This is stunning Mary, love the quiet feel to it!


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