Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fishing Buddies

Fishing Buddies                       oil                        8"x 10"
While I am away this week, I thought I'd show a few posts from the past. Hope you enjoy my review of a few pieces.
This is from a photo source from Steve M, and it reminds me of when we had both yellow and black labs, they were always good fishing companions. They loved the water of course, but were trained to wait in their quiet, tense, tail wagging mode for the next catch. Then, would try to anxiously nibble at the fish like they'd just accomplished something wonderful! Maybe they had.... with their patience and good company.
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  1. Hi Mary.
    What can I say but brilliantly painted
    All the best Mary.

  2. Beautiful Mary! Sweet and beautiful!
    Warm regards.

  3. Oh, this is wonderful! I don't know how you ever made the man and dog look so true to life on such a small size canvas, but they are incredible! I also like the colors that you used, to create the pleasing, soothing mood. Nice job!

  4. Wonderful mood, brilliantly executed!

  5. I am in awe of your talent Mary.YOur paintings always look so fresh - you make it seem effortless.
    Another wonderful piece.

  6. Its a great photography fish here a lovely moment caught in photo..well this post is really very useful and very informative for everybody.

  7. This is absolutely fantastic!! We could have written the story without reading the post! Excellent work, Mary!

  8. I get such a rush when I see paintings of this level. This one is special.


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