Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Morning Ride

Morning Ride                      oil                    8"x 10"
While in Hawaii, I caught these two pedaling along. They seemed to be going no particular place and in no particular hurry, and I liked the rambling feel of it. We saw a lot of bikes while there and folks just seemed to be strolling, if you can do that while riding. The morning air was a little cool, but it always warmed up fast.
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Celeste Bergin said...

excellent...I feel like I am there!

Karen Werner said...

Very nice, Mary. I especially like how the male figure goes from top to bottom. I've done some serious and not-so-serious biking. I call the latter a "toodle." Probably not a real word, but I think these folks are just toodling around. :-)

hmuxo said...

This is a wonderful painting, Mary. I love the whole scene!!

Helen H Trachy said...

Your friends look so comfortable up there on their bikes. They're having fun and it's a pleasure to watch them. Lovely work!