Monday, July 30, 2012

Just Geraniums - red and pink geranium floral

Just Geraniums                             oil                   9" x 11"
What would my summer be if I didn't paint geraniums at least once? I have been admiring them as I go out and around for sure. Today I just 'saw red' in a good way :) and it was time to paint some of my favorite flowers.This was the result...

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  1. Excellent! An interesting contrast between the large dark areas and the more high key areas. Great variety makes it not just the usual geranium painting. I love your work.

  2. beautiful Geraniums Mary. Also your Horses painting. All the best Mary.

  3. Gorgeous Geraniums...Mary!!!

  4. As always you have a fabulous way of painting anything!
    I wanted to comment of the marvelous horses from yesterday but could not get to them from here and they were not in the tiny squares. Anyway they blew me with the light hitting them and the way you had placed them.
    Your blog is a visual treat!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous, Mary. I love the beautiful high key notes against the muted background. Really striking!

  6. This is fantastic! superb compo!


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