Thursday, July 12, 2012

Great Blue Heron - heron oil painting

Great Blue Heron                      oil                    8" x 8"
I don't paint wildlife as a general rule, but kind of amazed myself when I got a shot of this Great Blue Heron. It rose out of the dry grass and bushes along the river bank and I caught it with a new camera we got just before the trip. I simplified  a lot throughout the foliage and liked the sort of 'hide and seek' quality of the heron against distant blues.
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  1. This is so beautiful Mary. I just love the blue herons.

  2. You've really captured the flight of the heron, and I'm a big fan of that blue color you achieved.

  3. This is beautiful Mary! The entire scene is perfectly painted!!!

  4. Gorgeous, Mary.
    You always seem to capture such a wonderful feeling in your paintings.

  5. I think this is exceptional and very clever. The way you placed and painted Mr Heron is amazing. Bravo!

  6. You captured the feel of this scene so nicely, especially if you were working from a photo.


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