Sunday, July 15, 2012


Grackle!                     oil                 8" x 8"
My intention today was to paint a nice calm peaceful meadow scene...... But, then something came to mind that I was just more in a 'grackle' mood! This bird is one that some people seem to consider only pests and others admire them for their iridescent feathers and canny doings. I just knew when took this photo on the edge of the sunlit river, that I  loved the stark, 
graphic quality, oh yeah there's that attitude too !

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  1. Excellent work. Especially the waier and reflections.

  2. This is fantastic! I love how you have chosen this particular bird as the subject and I love those reflections and the loose brush strokes!

  3. This is beautiful, Mary!!!! The bird and reflections are absolutely fantastic. Beautiful scene!!!

  4. Great design - love the diagonal and the placement of the dark shape of the bird continuing into the water.
    Another fabulous piece. Don't you get tired of turning out little masterpieces! A bit of humor here...

  5. Hi Mary.
    Absolutely gorgeous. All the best.


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