Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First Beach Walk - mom & child by the ocean

First Beach Walk                oil                 8" x 8"
I've been enjoying painting figures lately, and this takes me back to Hawaii where I saw these two. I wasn't as young as this little one when I first saw the ocean, but the feeling and smell of the salty water and air is not to be forgotten. Hope I captured a bit of it here.

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  1. I live near the sea and love that salty air and smell. This takes me back to when I was small and used to go swimming! Great work...Lovely!

  2. This is such a lively and joyous painting, Mary. Lovely work.

  3. SO true, Mary!! you never forget that wonderful smell of the ocean air. Beautiful painting!!

  4. A spontaneous painting, I love it! Lovely scene Mary and very touching! :)

  5. Love the feel of this piece. I can almost hear the waves crashing.


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