Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cottonwoods Against A Blue Sky - oil landscape

Cottonwoods Against A Blue Sky             oil           7" x 7"
The Cottonwood trees along the river continue to intrigue me for their shapes and size. Here, I tried to concentrate on the big silhouette shapes for the most part, while massing in the greens on the light struck greens. This view is from a boat on the river, and I included the strip of blue water to balance out the sky and blue violets in the hills.

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Diana Moses Botkin said...

This has SO much WOW, Mary! The color and composition are simply wonderful.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

You manage to paint little masterpieces each and every day.
I especially love how you have painted the tree in this one

Victor Errington said...

Mary, what a beautiful painting. Full marks here Mary. All the best.

ashok said...

great job!

Luvmyart said...

Just lovely Mary! Good job on the radio program today!

hmuxo said...

Beautiful painting, Mary!!!