Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Contemplation - a morning on the river oil fly fishing landscape

Contemplation                           oil                8" x 8"
This was a morning on the Bighorn river in Montana again and this fisherman seemed  pretty deep in thought while getting ready for his next cast. The light gave me an interesting pattern to work against blue and violet shadows.

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  1. Vous avez un talent exceptionnel pour mettre en valeur la lumière et son jeu avec les couleurs des ombres.
    L'atmosphère de vos peintures est d'une si grande sérénité... N'en faut-il pas pour être un excellent pêcheur ?!...
    Merci pour cette belle peinture.

    Je risque parfois de m'absenter durant cette période estivale. Je dois partir pour mes diverses expositions dans le sud de la France... Mais je serai présente régulièrement dès la mi-septembre.

    Gros bisous.

  2. love your palette on this painting Mary! Gorgeous color and the figure is so perfectly at ease!

  3. You have captured the sunshine so perfectly. I feel I can feel the sun, hear the water and feel the breeze.

  4. Beautiful! I love the edges on the hat and just the right amount of detail.

  5. Wow, I like everything about this painting.I like the light on him, his body language, the way you handled the fishing line and the loose background. Lots of colour hiding in there as well. Magnifico!

  6. A beautiful painting, Mary!!! I absolutely love those subtle blue and violet shadows...a wonderful piece.!!

  7. Before I read your text, I was noticing how you danced the colors throughout the composition so nicely. I wish I could learn how to do that: put together one palette of colors and then make those colors unify the piece. I love how you did that! Great painting!

  8. Mary,
    Like how the abstract diagonal design, loose brushwork and edges contribute a sense of energy to the rather static subject. Well conceived and executed. Bravo!


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