Friday, June 15, 2012

Basque Dancer - DMB Challenge

Basque Dancer   oil    9" x 7"
This month's Diana Moses Botkin Challenge was 'chiaroscruro' as provided by Mark Adams. I probably didn't get quite enough drama in the darks here, but was happy with the painting. If you follow my posts, you have seen my model Alicia before. I also have a slideshow demo of this piece and will post it sometime this weekend or Monday. Meanwhile please enjoy the other challenge entries below.

"Theological Studies"

Oil on hardboard, 5"x7"

"Josh & Jessie"
10x16" Oil on Linen

In the Pit
Oil on panel
7" x 10"
©2012  Mark Adams  

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  1. Hi Mary. You're right I wouldn't call this chiaroscuro, but your painting is beautiful and captivating nonetheless. Love it!

  2. Who is this Mark Taylor guy? {;-)>

  3. What a beautiful piece you did, Mary. I love the softness of the mood and your technique.

  4. Mary, this SO reminds me of Fechin! Great painting :)

  5. "Basque Dancer" really caught my eye. Gorgeous colors, feel and light. Love "theology" and the others as well. Great work!

  6. Beautiful color, composition and you captured the quiet moment. I love it!

  7. Hi Mary.
    All absolutely beautiful. Full marks for them all. All the best Mary.

  8. everyone has already said it all and I can only add - what a pleasure it is to see paintings of this caliber. Your art is wonderful, Mary.


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