Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Window Box Floral II - second view of summer flowers

Window Box Floral II    8"x 10"    oil on panel
I got some wonderful comments and feedback about my last post and like Susan Roux's idea for developing the idea into a larger work. To that end, I thought I'd do some further brainstorming on composition and worked with this horizontal format. They have both been so much fun, I may work with a vertical as well!
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  1. Comme il doit être bon de se relaxer derrière ce rideau de fleurs... les senteurs arrivent jusqu'à moi !
    Les couleurs jonglent sur un rythme parfait.
    Susan avait raison de vous suggérer une nouvelle toile... Très joli travail.
    gros bisous

  2. I can't get enough of this beautiful flowers!! Wonderful job!!!!

  3. These are fabulous! Wonderful splash of color and summer.

  4. The flowers are great, obviously, but I really like the green awning and the light on it in both paintings.

  5. I really like both of your Butchart Garden paintings with the awning. I love loose colourful flowers in contrast with the lines in the awning. I think you could work this idea in many sizes and formats. Thanks for visiting and commenting.:-)

  6. Love these last two window box paintings! I like that you are going to explore different formats.

    I enjoyed reading your interview at DPW!

  7. Beautiful Painting and These flowers are beautiful.I always love the energy & light in your flower work.

    Portrait Artist


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