Sunday, April 8, 2012

Twists & Turns

Twists & Turns    oil     6"x 6"   
The fascinating and endlessly varied shapes of trees provide wonderful subject matter any time of year. This is a tree I've painted before and the different directions and twists of it's limbs are what I like about it. It was a good day for me to paint while the guys our enjoying our blue skies, fishing. Hope your Easter has been  wonderful and your day had sunny turns and blue skies.
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  1. Beautiful colors, Mary! I like seeing your brush strokes.

  2. Awesome brush strokes..amazing to see how many colors are in a tree..nice job, Mary.

  3. Beautiful and strong old tree, love the movement and the colors!

  4. Un arbre tout en mouvement qui semble vouloir danser... j'aime également les nuances de couleurs de son tronc.
    Une forte peinture...
    Gros bisous

  5. This tree has real personality. It looks as if it is stretching after waking from a long winter's nap. Love the colors and the brushwork!

  6. This is a great tree, Mary. I love the colors.


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