Sunday, April 15, 2012

Polish, color, shopping and nail varnish

Polish    7"x 9"   oil
I never seem to be able to keep a manicure for more than about five hours! But, that doesn't stop me from looking at all the great chunks of color and glass whenever I pass the nail polish shelves. Just plain fun ...
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  1. Fantabulous. I love the new trendy nail polish with all the sparkles in it!
    Have a great creative week.

  2. Ma chère Mary, tout comme toi je vernis rarement les ongles de mes doigts... pourtant j'admire cela sur les autres. Je ne peux plus rien faire si j'ai les ongles vernis !...
    Je suis éblouis devant cette peinture que nous montres aujourd'hui. La composition est très belle avec cette harmonie de couleurs... Une peinture très féminine. Je suis là à me demander lequel de ces jolis flacons je choisirais!!...
    Gros bisous

  3. These little glass bottles of nail polish are painted beautifully, Mary!!!

  4. Neat composition, Mary...and I love that turquoise color. Everything you paint you make look effortless.
    It takes a lot of skill to do that.

  5. Hi Mary, I love nail polish too, but has the same 'problem ' as you, these are fabulous , superbly painted !

  6. These nail polishes look like the colors I put in the girls Easter baskets! So pretty.

  7. Love this color combo! Absolutely fabulous reflections!

  8. This is such a luscious, juicy painting, Mary. I love how you've captured the feminine mystique of these little bottles of charm and color.

    I'm afraid my own hands would horrify a manicurist. I was looking at them recently thinking what a mess they look... calloused, scarred and very wrinkled. But they still work pretty well so I'll keep using them.


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