Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mrs. Lucky - hen and chicks

Mrs. Lucky        oil          9"x 9"
Last week I sold a rooster titled Mr. Lucky and this is a companion piece for that painting. She has her hands full with the three chicks, but is pretty fast herself ! 
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  1. Mary...wonderful pieces the two...funny I just did a rooster today too (haven't posted it yet).

  2. Nice painting Mary, love your brushwork on Mrs. and the action you gave the little guys.

  3. Vous avez à la perfection capturé le regard cette maman poule qui veille à ses petits...
    Une bien jolie peinture remplie de tendresse.
    gros bisous

  4. A super good the motion of the little chick

  5. Mr Lucky and Mrs Lucky are so fun. Love your paintings from Belize too. You have such a beautiful way with color. And all!


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