Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hydrangea Floral

Hydrangea Floral     oil         8"x 8"
I was inspired by fellow painter Kathy Cousart to visit one of my favorite subjects, hydrangea, again. They have such wonderful, pastel color and reflected color in their light blossoms. And, the large fluffy tops always draw the eye. These were plants that I saw, waiting to decorate homes, just before Easter.
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  1. Wow-this is beautiful. I love the brushwork here. That was so sweet to say I inspired you. I just love hydrangeas like you and they are fun to paint. Wonderful job on these Mary.

  2. Beautiful painting, Mary!! I love the colors in this floral...

  3. Beautiful colors in this Mary. Though I have never painted hydrangeas before this inspires me to give it a try.

  4. So pretty! Love the variety of subtle color

  5. Hydrangeas are just my favorites , too, I have done many in watercolor and was working on one in oil yesterday. This one is wonderfully rich and the colors are beautiful !


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