Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Grape Bunch - garden grapes & compliments

A Grape Bunch    oil     10"x 7"
detail -  A Grape Bunch
I had this color scheme in mind's eye this morning, before I had a subject to go with it. It uses the compliments of red violet and yellow green. So, even when I searched and found my photo from many years ago, I painted this from my imagination for the most part. The brushwork got fairly thick at the end, and  hopefully the detail shot will help to show it. 
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  1. I love this...the colors are wonderful and I love the light. So beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous painting, Mary!!! I love to visit my blogger friends ..Its truly like visiting museums...you are all so incredibly talented and such a joy to visit. Again, this is a beautiful piece!!

  3. Just lovely Mary....I want to plop one of those grapes into my mouth!

  4. I saw this painting yesterday and didn't have a chance to leave a comment. These grapes are fabulous and they just emit light! such a beautiful loose painting!

  5. Every painting has so much to study. Colors, as you mix them and place one near the other. Great, thank you!


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