Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Butter Yellow - First Daffodils of Spring

Butter Yellow   oil    10" x 8"
Here in North Idaho, we're still waiting for real spring, but there was certainly more of a spring feel during our  Boise visit. These first of the season daffodils were up in my sister's yard and accompanied a couple days of sunshine. I tried to capture that fresh light butter yellow of the blooms and not overdo the rest in too much detail.
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  1. J'aime dans le feuillage des jonquilles et de vos jonquilles les verts qui n'en sont pas et ces nuances de jaunes claires qui apportent à ces fleurs la délicatesse du printemps.
    Les fondus de couleurs au loin créent un très joli contraste.
    Gros bisous

  2. I especially like the green stems...lovely variety of colors and shapes

  3. Love the brush strokes, Mary!! So beautifully painted!!!

  4. I love the feeling in this painting. I like the look of the daffodils pushing up out of the dark earth. The foliage is beautiful...all those grayed greens. And I like the way you suggested the blooms, with just the right amount of detail. Well done!

  5. They're lovely! I like how you contrasted the shadows and light. And you captured those early spring mornings so perfectly. Nicely done!

  6. Here the daffodils are long gone..now more summery flowerings are on their way, we had so much heat the last weeks that nature thought we were in june...and everything exploded at the same time!
    But your daffodils are lovely, love your rich strokes.

  7. Mary, I always love your flowers. You seem to capture their personalities so well. These simply shout "spring"!


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