Monday, April 23, 2012

Afternoon Horizon - landscape of billowing clouds & hillside

Afternoon Horizon  7"x 6"     oil
Today's painting is one of those sunny afternoons looking up toward a spring hillside. It's always interesting that a painting can come out of the most everyday kinds of views. Here, I focused on the billowy clouds and edge of land. And, using values, my intention is to guide the view up through to the sky.
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  1. Your intention is a perfect success , your eyes just glide up towards the sky, and as you put it, incredible how you can make a simple landscape look so good !

  2. Love the vibrant sky and color harmony throughout the painting.

  3. It definitely brought me right to this powerful sky, Mary! Beautiful piece!!

  4. Fantastic! You accomplished just what you intended. The sky is very believable. Not easy to achieve.

  5. Remarkable sky! And I like your fisherman with the sparkling water. Wonderful.


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