Thursday, March 1, 2012

Teton Mountains, A Second View.... Revised

Teton Mountains, A Second View    oil      9"x 9"
Today, like we all do, my glance kept being directed to this last painting. I continued to review it and finally asked the question I so frequently used to ask my students.."what do you want to see?" And, what I wanted to see was a whole statement that pulled my view into the mountains. What I saw was too strong a division between the sage filled ground and rise of the mountains. The second I took my brush and broke through that barrier it felt better and the orange bits gave a good contrast with the blue.... ok, now it's finished!
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hmuxo said...

WOW! A little change truly made a big difference Mary! I love the added orange and the added flowers..Perfect!!!

Dottie Leatherwood said...

I love the orange that brings you back into the mountains and moves your eye around. I am stealing the thought process that you mentioned..."what do you want to see?" Love that and forget to ask it to myself because I am to busy working out colors or trying to finish. Thanks for the tip!!