Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Painting Surfaces For Oil and Acrylic

Dianthus- Claussen's DP oil primed  linen

Blue Boat at Tofino -  alkyd primed linen

Wood River- End of Day  - re-primed cotton canvas
Somehow, this has become a week of teaching or at least explaining some of my art processes and today I will end the week doing so again. For me the surface that I paint on is extremely important, so that I can anticipate the way the paint will drag, or flow, etc. I have been rotating 3 different surfaces, depending on what I want for the final look. The painting in my last post "Drift", is on Claussen DP oil primed linen-smooth. There are several sources online for it. It is an absolute dream, as you can wipe out to white, but the paint adheres without being too slippery. It is for oil paint only.

Another that I like is the alkyd primed linen and linen panels at Wind River Arts. As they explain on their site, the surface is 'slightly more absorbent and takes the paint off the brush easily.' In other words,there is more drag and brush feel. Scott Christensen uses this surface and I was happy to discover it from him. It is only for oil paint as well.

The third one is just your everyday stretched primed canvas, but with a twist. I re-prime cotton canvases with a coat of white acrylic gesso and a second coat of acrylic clear gesso, letting them dry in between. Clear gesso dries with a bit of a texture or grit and really grabs paint, forcing me to use thicker paint when I want that look. I also sand very lightly after the clear gesso is dry. It can be used for oil or acrylic and is also great for pastels, if you work that way. the three paintings posted above are examples of each one.
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  1. Thank you for sharing that information Mary. The gorgeous dianthus painting just screams linen underneath. I love them all but that one the most!!

  2. That dianthus is amazing! Gorgeous!

  3. Je suis toujours heureuse d'apprendre comment chacun procède...
    Les trois peintures que vous nous montrez sont étonnantes... Il me serait très difficile de faire un choix.
    Votre travail est merveilleux.
    Gros bisous

  4. Three absolutely stunning paintings Mary, what a skill. Thank you for sharing your knowledge , all very useful.

  5. So nice catching up with your beautiful and informative blog. Thanks for sharing some of your process and materials with us. Your paintings are stunning!

  6. Thank you for the tip on what to paint a beginner with oil, its appreciated. All of these paintings are the first floral..gorgeous piece!

  7. Very well painted, beautifully colored and harmonious composition!!!

  8. The gray background of your flowers is just making them sing with colour. Fantabulous!


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