Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Glacier Park Peaks- mountain spring landscape oil painting

Glacier Park Peaks    oil      9" x 12"
I'm back to the mountains on this one and the source is one of the many stunning views in Glacier Park. We've been there twice, but were either early or late for the wildlower season. That must mean it's time to go back I think! This early summer view did have lush emerald greens though
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  1. Ahh!! Mary!...another favorite place we visited a few years back! and you painted it beautifully. Love this one.!

  2. Those rich greens are wonderful and I really love what you have done in the foreground..I'd like to study that up close!

  3. Gorgeous painting , love your rich brush strokes!

  4. Pleasure for eyes and great manual for the ones who learn, like me. I am so glad I found your blog.

  5. Il est bon de retrouver vos oeuvres après plus de 6 semaines d'absence... Je rentre tout juste des Philippines...
    Une peinture sincèrement superbe.
    gros bisous


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