Saturday, March 17, 2012

Geranium Stem, small floral in oil

Geranium Stem   oil    6" x 6"
This little snip of a geranium stem uses the favorite compliments of red and green. And, I'm pushing the season here, but looking forward to seeing a lot of geranium starters out soon. 
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Jane said...

Red and green are always stunning together, beautiful work....looking forward to the geranium season, too!
Your post before this one is full of stunning paintings , love what you can get out of so few colors.

Susan Roux said...

Mary this painting reminds me of geranium photos I have from inside a greenhouse in Ireland. The light is shining in, but there's no sunshine. I'm really drawn to it them, but hesitate to paint it for the lack of sunshine. You inspire me to take a second look... Very nice.

hmuxo said...

Red geraniums are beautiful! These are beautifully painted, Mary. I just planted my pansies and a few geraniums ..hopefully I didn't rush things since last night was a bit chilly, but I guess I'm anxious for Spring!

Nora MacPhail said...

p.s. thanks for the DPW facebook 'like'!