Monday, March 12, 2012

Fishing Gold - fly fishing in a golden light

Fishing Gold   8"x 10"   oil  
I've often talked with my husband about that " head place" I can go when the painting is going well. It's still hard work, you are concentrating, but other issues drop away and you're in the 'zone'. He tells me it's that same escape for him when he's on the water. The light in this work reminds me of that time when it's  'golden' and hopefully there's a great fish at the end of the line, or a great painting at the end of your brush...but either way, that zone can be golden.
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  1. Love all those beautiful colors in the water...nice painting!!!!

  2. Simplement MA G I F I Q U E...
    Les mêmes difficultés, les mêmes joies... un aboutissement réussi...
    Un bonheur se partage toujours... Merci de nous faire partager le vôtre.
    Une très belle atmosphère.
    gros bisous

  3. love the complements...beautiful painting!

  4. Love the idea of being in a golden zone, you really put this idea into reality, beautiful scene!


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