Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Drift - underpainting demo, and fly fishing

Drift   oil    9"x 9"

Drift - Demo
So after posting yesterday about underpainting, here is an example in a slideshow demo. The top picture is the finished work, the second image should start the slides. I had a question about whether the underpainting is wet or dry and I have worked both ways. I most often work with it wet however. You will see that I have sketched first in umber, and do this if I need proportions and placement to be a bit more precise.  Hope you enjoy it... and don't hesitate to ask questions ...
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  1. very cool Mary, thanks so much for sharing! Always love to see the steps in another artists process.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your process. I love your work and seeing it in progress is so fun! I love this painting...your brushstrokes and colors are just wonderful. Also love your composition.

  3. What a clever artist you are! The development is mesmerizing, and the painting wonderful.

  4. Wonderful Mary, I love seeing how other artists do such beautiful work!

  5. Je suis heureuse de poursuivre dans cette dernière publication vos conseils de travail. Je suis autodidacte et cela m'intéresse de voir le processus de chacun de nous...
    EXCELLENT TRAVAIL en ce qui vous concerne...
    Gros bisous et un grand merci pour votre très gentil commentaire.

  6. How wonderful, Mary!!! Thank you for sharing this demo....its great to see how other artist work!! The painting is beautiful.

  7. That's gorgeous! I love the amount of detail you put in the people, or should I say the amount of detail you didn't put in the people! Nice touch.


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