Sunday, February 19, 2012

Twin Blooms- sunflowers in blue shadows

Twin Blooms  20"x 16"  oil on canvas  
This is a sunflower piece done awhile back but not posted, though it's hard to remember why it slipped by. I really went for the color here and put these flower heads against deep transparent blues for a strong contrast of warm and cool. I also used the contrast of transparency with opaque colors which is one of the effects I enjoy best. This painting is on stretched canvas and is in a gold plein air style frame.
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  1. BEAUTIFUL flowers!! Love the blues!!

  2. I love this contrast of blue and yellow, always a winner!

  3. I like the touch of sunlight on the heads.

  4. I thought I left a post on this...I certainly intended to. This is beautiful, Mary! I love all the warm bright colors in the sunflowers contrasted against the blues.


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