Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tools Of The Trade - Diana Moses Botkin Challenge

A Painter's Handful  10"x 8" oil
This month's Diana Moses Botkin challenge is, tools of the trade. I had fun with this and my idea was to include my hands as part of my tools and use brushwork as part of a paint-y background. The group's paintings are posted below, and they are going to be a real treat for you! Amazing interpretations- I can't pick a favorite with so many good choices! View and Purchase Here

Becky Joy    Painting Tools   6"x 6"

Mark Adams  6"x 8"   oil
Barber's Tools  Diana Moses Botkin   6"x 8" oil on hardboard

Bluebird En Plein Air  Vicki Ross oil 4" x 4"

Tools Of The Trade   Suzanne Berry   oil   10"x 30"  
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Amber L. Bailey said...

Love it! Great job on this challenge.

Becky Joy said...

Good job Mary. I'm surprised that we are all so different.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

I'm surprised too that all the paintings are so diversified, even though I see that month after month. It's part of what makes the Challenge so interesting, I think.

As I was turning over ideas for this Challenge, though, artists' hands and eyes were subjects I seriously considered. I'm so glad you did the hands, Mary, along with your paint brushes. It's perfect!

suzanneberry said...

beautiful work mary! love it!

Virginia Floyd said...

Love your painting, Mary. Great concept!

Dana Cooper said...

I too love that you added your hands to your painting. It's so fun to see the different interpretations