Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Path From Last Fall

A Path From Last Fall  10" x 8"  oil /linen panel
So, while I continue today to toil away on taxes, I will post another painting from the past. It shows a golden path upward toward leafy fall trees. And, it's certainly one of the places and views I would rather be contemplating. But, the sooner I attack this, the sooner it's done- I'm having a very good attitude...don't you think? Good Luck with your own 2010 tallies  :)
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  1. This painting is just as beautiful the second time around!
    Good luck with your taxes!!

  2. Love the the brushstrokes and colors in the grasses. I'm done with my taxes but my tax guy says he and I need to sit down later this year and go over some things....sounds like I am getting called to the principal's office! Good luck with yours!!

  3. Wonderfully sunny painting, gives you happy feelings :-))

  4. What an uplifting and beautiful painting. Makes me feel like I am outside in the sun.

  5. Love the yellow and golds on this painting, Mary! I've never seen this one before! Glad you reminded me of "Tax" time...need to get started myself!

  6. Love the yellow against the blue.


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