Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tofino Fishing Boat

Tofino Fishing Boat 12"x10" oil 
When I worked with a boat image from Tofino in B.C. last week, I came across a picture I took of a fishing boat late in the day. We were fishing close by and I snapped it with the light in mind. The light has that pinky-peachy cast that so reminds me of being on the ocean at certain times . I suggested a figure probably pulling in lines at the end of the day. If you like paintings of cycling and bikes, check out , where I have a post along with other artists.
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  1. Gorgeous blues, Mary!! Beautiful painting!

  2. Great job on the water, Mary. I love the colors you've used and it does give that end of the day feeling.

  3. excellent! You can be counted on to get every shape exactly right. Love the colors too

  4. Just perfect! I love the colors of the water, you really captured that end of the day light!

  5. Your water paintings are so alive, here the colors is so inviting and bright, really beautiful.


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