Sunday, January 29, 2012

Waiting To Ride

Waiting To Ride   9"x9"   oil             
I haven't painted the Challenge for Daily Paintworks for quite some time and so put this together for this weeks "wheels" challenge. The photo was taken in Stockholm, Sweden which accounts for the architecture. Coincidentally, a fellow blogger, Colleen Proppe' wrote about another of my works that used a bicycle theme in her post Friday. And, check out Tim Richardson's  blog for more cycle art!
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  1. You really are an inspiration Mary, this painting is gorgeous too, love the color of the house.

  2. i love "cycle art"... and yours is exquisitely inviting! thank you! i would like to hop on one of your bikes and take off!

  3. Love it! I love that you are so FAST. You paint every day. How lucky. I hope to get to that place some time again in my life. Getting ready to go to the office now... grr. "I'd rather be painting (or riding my bike)" : ) -Colleen Proppé
    Thanks for the inspiration, Mary!


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