Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pansy Mix

Pansy Mix  oil   9"x12"     
This is my finish from yesterday's painting at Kathy Anderson's workshop. I also began a second one, of geraniums this time and I hope to post it tomorrow. 
Today, Kathy was so busy teaching, she was unable to get her painting finished but tomorrow, I'll be able to show a finished piece I think. Meanwhile, below is Nancy Guzik, who is teaching in the studio next to our's. she was working on a beautiful portrait demo of a charming girl with a basket of flowers in her lap. The work was very methodical, delicate and careful. Looked like a wonderful class!

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martinealison said...

La fascinante vie des ateliers...
Je suis heureuse de pouvoir admirer votre toile avec les pensées achevée... M A G I F I Q U E
Gros bisous et bonne continuation

Jane said...

Your final pansies are a real stunner, really love these gorgeous colors. I am starting a class of oil painting tomorrow, can't wait!