Thursday, January 26, 2012

Marigold Mix - beginning oil, step one & two

Marigold Mix - beginning oil 14" x 11" 
My 'go to' with flowers has always been to choose informal arrangements more often than setting up a still life. These marigolds and begonias are from the Butchart Gardens in Canada. I began this floral mix with a basic block- in, as per usual and planned how I would handled the values generally. I'm in the stage now where I am beginning to apply more opaque paint and work with edges. While I didn't have time to finish, I should be able to do that tomorrow and show you the completed painting.
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  1. Loving what I see so far! Always love fresh flowers and these are beautiful! Look forward to seeing the final painting:)

  2. This is so beautiful so far, Mary, and I look forward to the finished piece! These colors are so outstanding and makes me so anxious for the Spring.

  3. The colors of your flowers are so bold and eye catching, this is beautiful, and I have no doubts about the final result :-)

  4. I like that you showed us your technique. It's interesting to see how you block in the colors. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished painting.

  5. J'adore admirer l'évolution d'une peinture... A chacun sa technique...
    Cette oeuvre est sur la bonne voie d'être superbe...
    Des couleurs qui dansent bien.
    Gros bisous

  6. Your colors are always beautifully harmonious. Can't wait to see this finished

  7. Oh this is so pretty...the colors pop...a fresh burst of springtime!
    Love it!


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