Sunday, January 15, 2012

Diana Moses Botkin Challenge

Clearly Decadent    9"x9"    oil on linen panel   
So beginning today,every month on the 15th, I'll be posting my own, and the work from five other artists for the Diana Moses Botkin challenge. These five are all so terrific and I look forward to seeing how it develops throughout the year. This month's challenge was 'plastic bag' . For my painting I went to the store where I've been seeing the beginnings of Valentine sweets. This little package of brownie and chocolate dipped strawberry filled the bill.I'lll be adding others as I get them.   SOLD

"Apples From the Store"
Oil on hardboard, 8"x10"

"Grisaille Bird and Produce Bag"
5x7" oil on linen  

 "SPILLAGE" 5x7" oil on canvas
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Jane said...

Four beautiful works from four very talented ladies. All of them are awesome!!

Maria Bennett Hock said...

Love this challenge. Enjoyed looking at all of them

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Great job, Mary...the challenges make us break out of our customary comfort zone. Sometimes it leads to a series!

suzanneberry said...

mary, i love your challenge response! wonderful and congratulations on a well deserved sale!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

I'm so glad you jumped right in for this one, Mary, even though you just joined the group! I love what you painted. It's yummy.