Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Under Cover

Under Cover       9"x 9"       oil
All these snowy apples are huddling together and under cover. There were still quite a few leaves on trees when this snow happened and that makes for the blue greens in both the leaves and snowy shadows, one of my favorite contrasting color schemes. It's crazy, but when I pass these trees each day, I feel like they continue to be a new discovery! They somehow continue to delight me.
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  1. Gorgeous and a favorite for me too. Love that blue green against the temperatures in the apples! I would paint this every day. Love it!

  2. I can see why these continue to delight you, Mary. The colors you've used are so perfect in combination and really give off the feeling of winter at its best!

  3. The tree paintings are delighting us as well!

  4. Beautiful colors, Mary!! Another favorite.

  5. Love this painting, the colors are just gorgeous and really enhance each other. xox


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