Thursday, April 11, 2013


Breakthrough      oil       9" x 9"
Here's a re-post today of one of my favorites, hope you enjoy it.....

This is a sky that is part from a reference and part from memory. You know how it're traveling, you see the storm in the distance, and now and again there seems to be a breakthrough of light and rain that just couldn't be held back. Then it always makes me think about that one place, what's happening right underneath that spill of light and rain?
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  1. Beautiful Mary and so dramatic! I really like these paintings that are focused on the sky. So cool!

  2. Love the colorful sky such a great expression of creativity.

  3. Get the umbrella's out, storm is coming. Nice dramatic sky and I always enjoy looking at your brushwork .

  4. Can't really be afraid of storm with a wonderful sky like this. Wonderful sky, Mary!

  5. Beautiful sky and colors. Love the focal point.

  6. Wonderful mood and moment you painted here, Mary. Beautiful!


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