Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Toward New Horizons

Toward New Horizons  18" x 18"  oil on linen panel
I've been wanting to work larger and just finished developing this painting from my smaller work
 "Bend In The Road" . As I've been doing lately, I used a warmer undertone than in the first sketch and like the results. I am wondering how many of you develop larger paintings from small works. If so, let me know in comments to this post, I would love to see the results.
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  1. Wow Mary, this is just stunning! I really like the warm undertone. It still has your expressive brushwork despite the increased size. Bravo!!

  2. Beautiful! I love how the land curves into the clouds. So dramatic! Wonderful work Mary!

  3. just keep doing it. Fantastic! Dana, Dori, Janet, Kim VanDerHoek and myself were just chatting about this at breakfast the other day....translating the smaller to larger....doesn't always work...and the challenges of making it definitely made this work!! Well done!

  4. Bonjour Mary,
    Le travail de votre ciel est splendide... Un ciel expressif ! je ne sais pas si on peut le dire ainsi, mais c'est ce que je ressens!
    Des tons de couleurs bien appropriés à la scène.
    Je n'ai jamais peint une même peinture sur un autre format...
    Gros bisous

  5. Thanks All- I'm always glad when the large version works, but it can really be a puzzler sometimes as to how it can sometimes be 'lost in translation ! Mary

  6. Beautiful composition. That sky is amazing! One of my favorites of yours:)

  7. This is lovely. Great sky and great color. You've captured a nice sense of space.

    As for size, I always paint large. I like the freedom of movement it allows me. Stand up, hold the long brush on it's end and paint!

  8. The road reminds me of my early school years, travelling by bus in the mornings (South Africa). I have found, when enlarging: intensify the colours a bit for the bigger area, use much larger brushes, squint often to simplify the result to see what can be brushed out and resist the temptation to add detail. Sounds easy, but requires an iron will.

  9. Such a grand vista and imperial clouds Mary - and you know I love skies!
    I rarely create large from my small. Creating my pastels are so time-intense with extensive layering that I tend to work small to begin with.

  10. Thanks for the good ideas here and generosity in your comments. I like the big brush, stand back method as well and find it difficult many times to paint 6x6 for example. Of course, I'm talking like this is huge, when before my blogging days I would consider it quite small!

  11. I'm lost as a goose on making this dang Zorn Palette! I can't read the notes on what colors he used. It's been so long since I did one of these, I have drawn a blank!

    Can you help me out with the top row? LOL Nothing like posting a good idea and not being able to carry out due to lack of knowledge. That is why I gave Aaron all the credit, because I am just trying to learn it all...

    So, on my palette I have the first 4 coloumns and then the dark color mixed with the cad red right before the yellow ochre, which column of color did he use to make that column? Gosh will I ever learn it all...

  12. Hi Sharlette, He hasn't quite gone into detail but I'm fairly sure it goes like this:

    If you number the rows 1-12 across the top -

    row1-black with white
    row2-black with cad red (all rows are graded out with white toward the bottom)
    row3-black with ochre
    row4-cad red with white
    row5-cad red with black
    row6-cad red with ochre
    row7-ochre with white
    row8-ochre with cad red
    row9-ochre with black
    row10- all 3 colors (with the greatest percentage being red)
    row11- all 3 colors (with the greatest percentage being black)
    row12- all 3 colors (with the greatest percentage being ochre)

    The benefit of all charts like this are to help you realize the variety you can get with such a limited palette. Hope this helps out and that I've made it a clear explanation. Good luck with the challenge! Mary

  13. Gorgeous painting, Mary. Love the warm undertones "peeking" through. I'm also wanting to paint larger...hopefully soon.

  14. Beautiful painting...Powerful sky!!


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