Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Peared Up-still life of market pears and a recipe

Peared Up    9"x 9"   oil    
At the Boise Co-op last week, I spied the most lovely basket of pears. They were wonderfully rounded and unbruised and I knew I had to paint them. The sign that you see up in the right corner says 'Recipes Availaible' and I include their unique (and I'm sure quite delicious) pear recipe Here.
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Brad Miedema said...

Great painting Mary! I love when paintings are inspired out of the blue like that. It always excites me when I see pears with a leaf still attached like the ones you have on the top.

Kim said...

Ah Mary. Beautiful pears! So much life to them. And that recipe has strange combinationsn but I never knock something till I try it : ) Saw on their blog a recipe for mulled wine. Hmm. May have to do something about that ; )

martinealison said...

Une superbe interprétation pour vos poires... Vos teinte sont superbes. Je m'en vais voir votre recette!
gros gros bisous