Sunday, November 6, 2011

Making Plans

Making Plans  8"x 10"    oil on canvas   
I wanted a change of pace today and decided these two would fit the bill. They were in Yellowstone Park and were probably looking at a map, but the togetherness of the pose made a good little tableau for lots of possibilities. I used a rougher surface here which allowed me to suggest shapes, rather than get too caught up in every detail.
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  1. Love this one and you captured the connection in the scene beautifully. That is wonderful and makes the viewer smile. Love the brushwork!

  2. i love this! so beautifully done. what a wonderfully captured moment.

  3. The freedom of your brush is so nice and those beautiful little bare feet!

  4. Vous avez saisi ma chère Mary un sentiment très affectueux... il est bon de regarder cette peinture... Une atmosphère agréable.
    Belle peinture intimiste.
    Gros bisous

  5. I love this painting, Mary. You certainly captured the moment for these two beautiful people! I also love Yellowstone, so the background is perfect.!


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