Monday, October 17, 2011

The Lamar River

The Lamar River   9"x 9"   oil on linen panel     
Today, in painting, I referenced a photo that was taken a few weeks ago while in Yellowstone Park. This is the Lamar River, and I plan to develop another using some fishermen trying their luck on these well known waters. I haven't painted a demo in quite some time, and for this painting I took 21 pics of the steps used to create it. I'll post that demo tomorrow.
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Katherine Thomas said...

Very beautiful! I like your composition with the triangular movement!

martinealison said...

L'eau de votre peinture entraîne mon regard tels les alluvions... Une palette superbe et une grande profondeur.
gros bisous

Brad Miedema said...

Looks Great Mary! I love Yellowstone and the Lamar valley.