Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Water

New Water  8"x 8"  oil on linen    
Thanks everyone who responded to yesterday's question about my plan for a next demo. I will work to put together a figure and I appreciate knowing it was interesting to watch. I certainly enjoy seeing the others I find on the web. This painting is also from the Lamar River and I used a photo of my husband as he fished, with the foreground giving it a bit more color and adding a layer of depth.
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  1. J'aime beaucoup toute votre série sur la pêche... Vous avez un talent fou pour capturer cette atmosphère particulière. Vous parvenez à créer le son et les silences qui n'en sont pas...
    Des couleurs et des lumières fantastiques...
    gros bisous

  2. fun to watch your demo...thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful colors and handling of the scene. Thanks for your cool DEMO..very helpful

  4. magnificent painting, Mary : )

  5. Love watching the demo. Look forward to the next figure demo as well, could use all the help I can get on those figures!

  6. What a fantastic way to present a demo! And so beautiful. Thanks very much


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