Sunday, October 2, 2011

Montana Meadow

Montana Meadow   11"x14"  oil on linen panel
Sometimes, when standing in front of a very simple landscape, it's a puzzle to focus on what drew my eye initially. Here, I wanted to use loose brushwork to convey the sweep of color and emphasize movement in the limbs as well. A very simple idea that I hope conveys a quiet place.
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  1. Lovely Mary! The sweep of pink just pops against the green foliage.

  2. OH! This is so inviting! Yup what Leslie and Susan said! And I THINK I told you that I included you on my list of 'blogs to watch' for my Blogging Workshop last week - if not - sorry, but I did!

  3. You did it in your usual stunning way, it's beautiful!

  4. Oh Mary! You got it. Love trees too.

  5. Wow the pink works well against the green background.

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